Tuesday, 19 June 2018


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Episode 83: A Clockwork Orange (1971)

clockworkFor the second episode looking at the work of acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick, we turn to his 1971 epic "A Clockwork Orange." This was the first time Kubrick had written a screenplay, based on a novel, by himself, as well as directing the film. Jeff and Chad talk through this film (while Buddy is out sick) including a synopsis for those who haven't seen it, a sample of the film's music as part of the trailer, and we try to figure out how such a truly terrifying film is, at the same time, so incredibly beautiful and moving! While it's not a casual viewing experience for Geek or GIT, this is absolutely one of Kubrick's finest films. It tackles subject matter that only Kubrick could make so compelling and so uncomfortable at the same time! This film is truly unique across the history of cinema! Plus, Chad and Jeff discuss lightening the mood for the next pairing by moving into cinematic depictions of rock and roll!

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