Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith's pictureDr. Jeffrey Smith is a film professor currently teaching history, appreciation, and criticism of film at the American University of Bulgaria, and is a film fan and film critic. Jeff remembers the drive-in quite clearly, and has loved movies since he can remember watching them! He's a collector of movie soundtracks and "bad" B-Horror films. He tried his hand as a movie reviewer from 1999 to 2006 (you can read his archived reviews at his personal website: profj.org/reviews).

Jeff is also involved with Spirit of Resistance Radio (a streaming classic rock radio station at www.sorradio.org), having served from March 1st 2012 to March 1st 2019 as its station manager and still serving as its chief engineer, and a co-owner of SoR Radio Studios, the producers of the Two Geeks and a GIT podcast.

In 2020, Jeff and friends started "Artifacts Worldswide" (streaming weekly on Twitch, its website is artifactsworldswide.com) airing a weekly 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game in a world Jeff has written himself!

It's Jeff's fervent hope to someday be a professional movie reviewer, but until then he intends to keep doing it anyway. With as much training in film criticism as he's had, he can't not watch films that way anymore.