About Two Geeks and a GIT

Two Geeks and GIT was born at the 2016 Motor City Comic-Con in Dearborn, Michigan, when Jeff Smith, Buddy Allman (the two movie geeks), and Chad Roberts (the movie geek-in-training) attended a panel on podcasting.

The panel made one thing very clear: If you're going to do a podcast, the subject should be something you love. And so, Two Geeks and a GIT was born. For years, Buddy and Jeff, along with several of their friends, have been working to educate Chad on some of the great films he's missed. Given that all three teach college classes, it's also become crystal clear that their students (read: Millennials and Gen-Z) have little-to-no idea about a huge chunk of 20th century cinema.

Combine the two, and you have a podcast focused on introducing hidden film gems (almost all of which are 10+ years old) to a generation not yet born when the movies were first released! Each episode, Buddy, Jeff, & Chad will explore a flim they feel is worth watching and explain the "why" of it! Drawing from all genres, their goal is to introduce younger generations to earlier films that are worth their time to watch!

If you have suggestions for movies that you'd like to hear the Geeks/GIT watch and review, please let us know!