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Dolores Claiborne (1995)

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Kathy Bates is the focus of this pairing, and our second film was her second time taking a lead role in a film based on a Stephen King book, although this particular role was one King wrote with her in mind! Directed by Taylor Hackford, 1995's "Dolores Claiborne" starred Bates in the titular role. Dolores is a widow living in a small community in Maine, who witnesses the death of Vera Donovan (Judy Parfitt) who has employed her has a domestic for decades. Because of the circumstances of Vera's demise, Dolores is suspected of killing her, and Detective John Mackey (Christopher Plummer) is called to investigate. Mackey and Dolores have a history, as he investigated the death of her husband Joe (David Strathairn) some years earlier. Dolores' daughter, Selena St. George (Jennifer Jason Leigh) arrives to lend her support to her mother, but the reunion is both strained and revelatory as the story of both deaths comes to light. Plus, the trio unveil which two films made their "Movies which are funnier than they deserve to be" pairing!

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