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Misery (1990)

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We're focusing on another great Hollywood actress for this pairing, one who also seems to like acting in Stephen King properties! Kathy Bates is our focus this week and next, starting with her performance as an obsessed fan of a particular writer, in 1990's "Misery." Directed by Rob Reiner, this film tells the story of Paul Sheldon (James Caan), a successful writer who's been trapped by fortune into writing a series of romance novels, but it moving away from them after killing off his main protagonist. After crashing his car in s snowstorm, he's rescued by Annie Wilkes (Bates) who brings him into her home and tends to his rather severe wounds. While Paul is recuperating, Annie gets a copy of Paul's final "Destiny" novel and becomes incensed that he would kill off Destiny! This begins a cat and mouse game between Annie, who is forcing Paul to resurrect her beloved character, and Paul, who is trying desperately to escape! The film also stars Richard Farnsworth, Frances Sternhagen, and Lauren Bacall.

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