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On Golden Pond (1981)

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After starting in 1938, we move across the years to near the end of the career of the great Katharine Hepburn, a film co-starring father-and-daughter Henry and Jane Fonda. In 1981's "On Golden Pond," directed by Mark Rydell, Hepburn plays Ethel Thayer, wife to Norman Thayer (Henry Fonda). Normal is turning 80, and starting to experience memory lapses, but Ethel take care of him and keeps him grounded. Their daughter, Chelsea (Jane Fonda), her boyfriend Bill Ray (Dabney Coleman), and his son Billy (Doug McKeon), come to visit, and it's decided that Billy will stay with Norman and Ethel for a month while Bill and Chelsea head to Europe. Norman and Billy bond during the month, which only serves to drive home the emotional separation that's always existed between Norman and Chelsea. The film says a lot about families and curing estrangement, and was the last theatrical film Henry Fonda starred in. Plus, the gents reveal which two non-superhero-based graphic novels-turned-films make up the next pairing!

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