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The Last Starfighter (1984)

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The second film in our salute to early CGI moves ahead two years, and light-years ahead for the technology, which was being developed as it was being used to create the special effects for 1984's "The Last Starfighter!" Directed by Nick Castle, the story follow Alex Rogan (Lance Guest), a young man trying to break out of his trailer-park maintenance-man existence and head to college far away. His mother, Jane (Barbara Bosson), his little brother Louis (Chris Hebert), and his girlfriend Maggie (Catherine Mary Stewart) all support his goals, but his only escape at the moment is playing a video game outside the park's general store. When he breaks the record on the machine, something that quickly becomes an event for the population of the park, it signals a different kind of graduation for Alex, as shortly thereafter, a strange man calling himself Centauri (Robert Preston) takes Alex on a wild ride to another planet where he's presented as a qualified "starfighter!" After intially balking, Alex eventually winds up back in outer space as the last hope for the planet Rylos, and indeed the entire galaxy! Also starring Dan O'Herlihy, Dan Mason, Normon Snow, and Vernon Washington! Plus, the trio unveil which two 1930's classics make up the next pairing!

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