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Tron (1982)

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Our first pairing of 2023 is dedicated to the very early days of CGI, a.k.a. Computer-Generated Imagery, and its use in science fiction! And, wouldn't you know, Disney was at the forefront of utilizing the developing technology! Directed by Steven Lisberger, 1982's "Tron" tells the story of hot-shot computer programmer Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), former employee of ENCOM - an American multi-national software and hardware company - who is trying to find proof that ENCOM's current Executive Vice-President, Ed Dillinger (David Warner) stole his ideas for several popular video games and presented them as his own, thus cementing his current position. Flynn breaks into ENCOM with the help of his former girlfriend Lora (Cindy Morgan) and her current boyfriend Alan (Bruce Boxleitner). Alan has created a program called "TRON" that will help restore freedom to ENCOM's computer system, but needs Flynn to get it the access it needs to do so. From a terminal inside ENCOM's laser-digitization lab, Flynn comes up against the Master Control Program, guardian of the entire ENCOM system, and the MCP uses the laser to digitize Flynn and transfer him into the computer system! From there, it's a wild ride as Flynn tries to learn how things work on the other side of the screen, and what being a "User" really means! The film also stars Bernard Hughes, Dan Shor, and Peter Jurasic (of "Babylon 5" fame)!

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