Episode 320: Support Your Local Sheriff (1969)

Support Your Local Sheriff (1969)Watch the trailer!

Sponsored by Manscaped! We begin our two-week celebration of the fusion of the Western and Comedy genres with a film Jeff was introduced to by his father, a gentle film that takes full advantage of the abilities of its stars to offer up a light, entertaining, self-referential comedy set in the old west! Directed by Burt Kennedy, 1969's "Support Your Local Sheriff" was an early chance for James Garner to demonstrate his talent with comedy as Jason McCullough, a man traveling to Australia who happens to stop in the town of Calendar, Colorado and see a notice for the job of Sheriff. The Mayor, Olly Perkins (Harry Morgan) doesn't believe McCullough will survive any longer than his predecessors, but he gives him room and board as per the terms of the job, the board provided by his daughter Prudy (Joan Hackett), a tomboy trying desperately to figure out how to be genteel woman. When Jason recruits town layabout Jake (Jack Elam) as his deputy, the two embark on a quest to slide the town out from under the Danby family, led by the father (Walter Brennan) and bad-boy youngest Joe (Bruce Dern). Even though Jason's the best gunfighter in town, it's his wits that he turns to in order to bring the town a peaceful existence! Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code MANSCAPEDGEEKS at MANSCAPED.com!

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