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Brainstorm (1983)

Brainstorm (1983)Watch the trailer!

It's back to the 80s we go, with a pairing Buddy nicknamed "MindFi," which translates to mind-based science fiction! First up, what if you could not only share all five senses of an experience with someone else, but you could record it and play it back at your leisure, feeling everything the original "experiencer" felt? That's the topic of our first film, directed by special effects genius Douglas Trumball, 1983's "Brainstorm!" Starring Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood (in her last big-screen role before her untimely death) as Michael and Karen Brace, a couple in the process of separating. The cause of their marital rift is the amount of time Michael has spent working on a project codenamed "Brainstorm" with project lead scientist Lillian Reynolds (Louise Fletcher), but they've finally had a breakthrough: They can record all five human senses while a subject experiences something, and when it's played back for someone else, they experience it as if they had originally gone through the event! Cheered on by their boss, Alex Terson (Cliff Robertson), they begin experimenting with various experiences, including sexual ones, to see exactly what this technology is capable of. But when one of the team splices a particular experience into a loop, they see that there's a danger as well, and then when another records the moment of their death... things quickly steamroll into a battle between the scientists and the military as to who will control the tech! Also featuring Jordan Christopher, Donald Hotton, Alan Fudge, and Joe Dorsey in strong supporting roles!

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