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Real Genius (1985)

Real Genius (1985)Watch the trailer!

We're going back to the 80s with this pairing, and specifically looking at the best college comedies to come out of that decade! And we're starting with the film that introduced a whole generation of movie fans to a young actor named Val Kilmer in 1985's "Real Genius!" Directed by Martha Coolidge, the story follows 15 year-old prodigy Mitch Taylor (Gabriel Jarret) who has been hand-picked by scientist, professor, and TV personality Dr. Jerry Hathaway (William Atherton) to begin the fall semester at Pacific Tech, working alongside other prodigies like Chris Knight (Kilmer). Their task: To build an enormously-powerful laser. Complicating matters are a jealous wanna-be named Kent (Robert Prescott), the hyper-kinetic engineering genius, Jordan Cochran (Michelle Meyrink) who has become the object of Mitch's affection, and the mysterious Lazlo Hollyfeld (Jon Gries) who lives in Chris and Mitch's closet! But when they find out that the laser has already been commissioned for unethical military use, they re-purpose their genius towards thwarting that plan and not letting the military use their invention for evil! Also starring Patti D'Arbanville and Mark Kamiyama!

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