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Kindergarten Cop (1990)

Kindergarten Cop (1990)Watch the trailer!

Wrapping up our salute to late producer/director Ivan Reitman is one of megastar Arnold Schwarzenegger's first forays into comedy, paired with action of course, in 1990's "Kindergarten Cop!" Arnold plays John Kimble, a veteran LAPD Detective, who heads to Oregon to try to find the wife of drug kingpin Cullen Crisp (played by Richard Tyson) so she can testify against him. Saddled with new partner Phoebe (Pamela Reed), he travels to Astoria, Oregon to support Phoebe as she goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher at Astoria Elementary School. Unfortunately, a severe bout of food poisoning means Kimble must take the reigns and assume the undercover teaching role, one he is woefully unprepared for. Watched like a hawk by Principle Miss Schlowski (Linda Hunt), and assisted by gorgeous fellow teacher Joyce (Penelope Ann Miller), Kimble must discover who Crisp's ex-wife is and convince her to help them! Unfortunately, along the way, the children worm their way into Kimble's heart, as does Joyce, so that when the various truths are revealed, a difficult decision must be made! Paired to a score by Randy Edelman, who brings out the best in both the action and comedy scenes, this film demonstrated that even the toughest action hero can have a softer side, and a funny side as well! And Geek Jeff finally names the two Horror Anthologies he'll be subjecting Buddy and Chad to for the next pairing!

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