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The Addams Family (1991)

The Addams Family (1991)Watch the trailer!
Part two of Halloween pairing is the rare television-to-film adaptation that does the original material justice! We're talking, of course, about the Barry Sonnenfeld-directed masterpiece that is 1991's "The Addams Family!" Starring Angelica Houston as Morticia, Raul Julia as Gomez, Carel Struycken as Lurch, Judith Malina as Granny, Jimmy Workman as Pugsley, Christopher Hart as Thing, and Christina Ricci in her break-out role as Wednesday, the film follows Gomez's search for his long-missing brother Fester (Christopher Lloyd), and the trio of hapless normals who are part of their orbit, two of whom are trying to scam Gomez out of his riches! This film is the perfect combination of romance, goth, and humor, and creates a world we'd all like to live in, especially if we could be neighbors with the Addams... as long as we were at least two houses away that is. And the trio reveal which two quality representatives of adult animation they're choosing for the next pairing!

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