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My Fair Lady (1964)

maverickEpisode 199 finishes up our "second century of reviews," so-to-speak, with another classic 1960's musical. From the last episode, we move ahead two years to 1964 for another film based on a hit Broadway musical, "My Fair Lady!" Expertly directed by veteran director George Cukor, this story follows a poor street girl who sells flowers to get by, being taken in by two linguistics professors as the object of a bet: That one of them can, in six months, turn her into a young woman presentable enough to attend court with royalty and not give away her lower-class origin! Audrey Hepburn plays Eliza Doolittle, with Rex Harrison playing Professor Henry Higgins and Wilfrid Hyde-White as Colonel Hugh Pickering, the former accepting the wager from the latter. Add to that Stanley Holloway as Alfred P. Doolittle (Eliza's father), Gladys Cooper as Henry's mother, and Mona Washbourne as Mrs. Pierce (Henry's housekeeper) and you have a group of excellent performers who, in turn, present a film that took home eight Academy awards, including Best Picture! Plus, the trio reveal which two listener-suggested films will make up the pairing for the 200th episode!

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