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Nightbreed (1990)

maverickEpisode 197: The second film in a pairing of movies about who the real monsters are is radically different from the first, but just as clear in its message. Clive Barker (of "Hellraiser" fame) wrote and directed 1990's "Nightbreed," based on a story he wrote entitled "Cabal." It tells of a young man, Boone (played by Craig Sheffer) plagued by nightmares of a place called Midian. His girlfriend Lori (played by Anne Bobby) suggests that he return to see the psychiatrist he'd gone to before, Dr. Decker (played by horror director David Cronenberg). The film also features "Hellraiser" alum Doug Bradley in a tale about a group of "Nightbreed," creatures many would call monsters, who simply want to live their lives, but who end up being hunted by the police and a serial killer, and only the chosen one can save them! Plus, find out what two classic 60's musicals the trio will be examining for the end of their second hundred reviews!

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