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Wargames (1983)

maverickEpisode 194: It's computer espionage this pairing, along with two films written by the team of Lawrence Lasker and Walter F. Parkes! We begin with a film that was a major hit and introduced the world to a very young Matthew Broderick, 1983's "WarGames," directed by John Badham. The story follows David (Broderick), a young computer hacker, who inadvertently finds his way into the NORAD mainframe while looking for some new games, but also to impress Jennifer (Ally Sheedy). Unfortunately, the game he starts also begins a real build-up to nuclear armageddon, which Systems Operator Mr. McKittrick (Dabney Coleman) and General Beringer (Barry Corbin) must deal with! After discovering David and Jennifer's part in starting up the war game, the military take them into custody, then loses them as they head out to find the original programmer of the computer, Professor Falken (John Wood). Although over 35 years old, this film still holds up today and is a fun, exciting thrill ride through to the very end!

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