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The Three Musketeers (1993)

maverickEpisode 191: The second film in our Tim Curry pairing features a first for Walt Disney films, and does it with a star-studded cast in 1993's "The Three Musketeers!" One of many versions of the Alexandre Dumas tale, this one has a flair to it that most other attempts lack! The film follows the evil Cardinel Richelieu (Curry) who is attempting to overthrow the King of France. Backed by his faithful assistant Rochefort (played by the always-fascinating Michael Wincott), they disband the Musketeers on the King's orders and send three of them into rebellion: Aramis (Charlie Sheen), Athos (Kiefer Sutherland), and Porthos (Oliver Platt). At this point, a young swordsman named D'Artagnan (Chris O'Donnell) is headed to Paris to join the Musketeers. Along the way he meets the queen (Gabriel Anwar) and her handmaiden Constance (Julie Delpy) before discovering that the Musketeers are no more. After running afoul of the three, D'Artagnan ends up joining forces with them and they ride out to stop the Countess D'Winter (Rebecca De Mornay) who's helping Richelieu with his plot. Tim Curry's performance in this film is riveting and sinister, a perfect counter to Oliver Platt's swashbuckling Porthos! And the trio reveal which blockbusters from a certain director they'll be reviewing for the next pairing!!

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