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Highlander (1986)

maverickEpisode 188: This pairing focuses on the genre known as Urban Fantasy, that being supernatural events taking place "modern day." And we begin with one of the best urban fantasy films of the 80s, 1986's "Highlander!" Featuring the unique cinematic direction of Russell Mulcahy, the film stars Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, and Roxanne Hart as it tells the story of Connor MacLeod, a scotsman who was born in 1518 and is, for all intents and purposes, immortal. But there have been others, and now it's down to only a few, as "The Gathering" is happening, and Connor must fight to be the victor and winner of "the prize," even though no one knows what that prize actually is. With breathtaking cinematography, a tour de force by Brown as the film's villainous "Kurgan," and a soundtrack by the band Queen, this is a highlight of so many great things from the 80s all wrapped up in a single film!

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