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Episode 167: The Golden Child (1986)

maverickEpisode 167: Recorded LIVE at Michigan ComicCon in Detroit, Michigan! Supernatural action comedy number two comes to us from just six months after Big Trouble in Little China, and was actually offered to Big Trouble director John Carpenter, but he turned it down to make his film. Instead, they turned to director Michael Ritchie (who would go on to direct "Fletch") to helm Murphy's fifth leading role in "The Golden Child!" Murphy plays Chandler Jarrell, a finder of lost children, who is approached by Kee Nang (Charlotte Lewis in her first film role) who asks his help in finding a very special lost child. As the hunt proceeds, things get stranger, including a brush with the sinister Sardo Numspa (Charles Dance), a supernatural entity who captures the golden child, forcing a direct confrontation between himself and Jarrell. This film also features three actors who were also in Big Trouble: Victor Wong, James Hong, and Peter Kwong. Plus, the trio reveal what two films with truly disturbing endings they're going to be reviewing next!

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