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Episode 139A: Unbreakable (2000)

unbreakableOur second film by writer/director M.Night Shyamalan is one that flew under the radar for many, and thus came out with few expectations. It surpassed all of them, however, and more, and turned in a truly unique superhero film unlike any other we've seen on the big screen, even today! Security guard David Dunn (Bruce Willis) is the lone survivor of a train crash, who reunites with his estranged wife Audrey (Robin Wright) and his devoted son Joseph (Spencer Treat Clark). He then finds he has gained the attention of art gallery owner and anthropological theorist Elija Price (Samuel L. Jackson) who suggests that David's survival may not have been a fluke, but an indication that he's at the upper end of the curve of what we define as "human." Again written and directed by Shyamalan, shot by Eduardo Serra, and also scored by the genius that is James Newton Howard, this film has a look and feel that is unlike any other superhero film you've ever seen, and treats it with more seriousness as well! For this film also, the trio have chosen to do a spoiler-free review and release the spoilers as a separate supplemental episode, so listen to this, watch the movie, and then listen to the supplement! Also, the trio talk about the two globe-trotting classic films they'll be reviewing next!

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