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Episode 133: Renaissance Man (1994)

renaissancemanThe second film in our tribute to Penny Marshall is one of her lesser-known films, not as successful as "Big," but no less deserving attention. "Renaissance Man" from 1994 was directed by Marshall, and stars Danny DeVito, Gregory Hines, James Remar, Ed Begley Jr., Lillo Brancato, Stacey Dash, Kadeem Hardison, Richard T. Jones, Khalil Kain, Peter Simmons, Gregory Sporleder, Mark Wahlberg, and Cliff Robertson. It's the story of Bill Rago, an unemployed advertising executive who gets assigned to teach comprehension on an Army base. Stuck trying to figure out how to teach the course, he inadvertently interests his students in Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and transforms his students while transforming his own life as well! If you're a teacher, or know a teacher, or have ever had a good teacher, you'll appreciate this film! Next up, the aforementioned second look at Blaxpoitation films!

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