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Back to School (1986)

Back to School (1986)Watch the trailer!

Part two of our pairing focusing on 80s college comedies only moves ahead a single year to a radically different look at going back to school! Directed by Alan Metter, this film focuses on successful businessman Thornton Melon (Rodney Dangerfield) who, after getting divorced from his second wife Vanessa (Adrienne Barbeau), decides to head to Grand Lakes University to visit his son Jason (Keith Gordon) who isn't having as good a run there as he's told his father. Hitting campus with his driver and bodyguard Lou (Burt Young), he decides to enroll in college to prove to Jason that it can be done! Unfortunately, there are a few stumbling blocks along the way. Dean David Martin (Ned Beatty) has to be convinced to allow him to enroll as a freshman, he makes an enemy of snooty business professor Dr. Phillip Barbay (Paxton Whitehead) who is dating smoldering English professor Dr. Diane Turner (Sally Kellerman), and has to deal with an overly-enthusiastic history professor in Professor Turguson (Sam Kinison). Jason isn't having an easy time of it either, however. His roommate Derek Lutz (Robert Downey Jr.) is an outright anarchist, campus beauty Valerie Desmond (Terry Farrell) is dating jerk jock Chas (William Zabka), and the head of the diving team, Coach Turnbull (M. Emmet Walsh) won't give him a shot on the team. But when Melon and Melon decide to tackle college, determination triumphs over all obstacles, true love wins, and those who deserve to lose have to find solace in their ineptitude! And finally, discover why Jeff petitioned Buddy and Chad to suspend one of the rules for the podcast in order to field their next pairing!

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