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Wizards (1977)

Wizards (1977)The second film in our "Psychedelic 70s Animation" pairing moves ahead four years from the last, to 1977, and features the work of underground animator extraordinaire Ralph Bakshi and his film "Wizards!" In a post-apocalyptic world, magic and technology co-exists, although technology is forbidden as it caused the destruction of the world once already. A pair of brothers, born to a fairy queen, face off against each other, as one embraces nature and magic while the other seeks power in technology and stumbles upon relics of the old world: Nazi propaganda! He uses it to rally his troops like never before and to lay siege to the peaceful magical kingdoms. Only the good brother, along with a (mostly) fairy princess and an elven warrior, along with a former assassin turned helper, seek to find the leader of the mutants and put a stop to the war once and for all! A true classic, and a final confrontation like no other in cinematic history! Plus, the trio discuss which American city is the focus of their next pairing!

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