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The Pink Panther (1963)

The Pink Panther (1963)For the next two episodes, we're focusing on the genius that was Peter Sellers! Episode 222 is the film that started a franchise that Star Wars has only just matched: 11 films! We are, of course, talking about 1963's "The Pink Panther." The film was supposed to be a starring vehicle for David Niven, but after Peter Ustinov was replaced with Peter Sellers, things changed. Sellers and director Blake Edwards bonded over a shared love of early silent comedy, and the role of Inspector Jacques Clouseau was re-written as a hapless, bumbling detective, and he ended up stealing the film from Niven! Also starring a very young Robert Wagner, Capucine, Brenda de Banzie, and the stunning Claudia Cardinale, the film is, at once, comedy, mystery, bedroom farce, and more!

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