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City Lights (1931)

Summer School (1987)Episode 221 is the second in our look at the films of Charlie Chaplin with his 1931 hit, "City Lights!" The film Chaplin himself named as his favorite (and the trio agree), this film too stars his famous character known as the Tramp, this time wandering a big, modern city. There, he meets a lovely but blind flower girl (Virginia Cherrill) and falls in love. He allows her to believe he is a rich man, and shortly thereafter meets an actual rich man, an Eccentric Millionaire (Harry Myers) to be exact who, after being saved from a drunken suicide by the Tramp, declares them fast friends! Unfortunately for the Tramp, this friendship is only felt when the Millionaire is drunk - when he's sober, he doesn't remember his friend at all! More entertaining hijinks occur, but this film also results in a happy ending... maybe. It's left up to the audience's interpretation. And the trio reveal what comedic superstar their next pairing will focus on, who arrived some three decades later!

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