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The Gold Rush (1925)

Summer School (1987)Episode 220 begins our look at truly classic comedy, with the first of two films from the silent era and one of the founding comedic actors in all of film history, Charlie Chaplin, and his 1925 film "The Gold Rush!" The film follows Chaplin's iconic little Tramp character as he travels to the Yukon to try and find his fortune. He becomes lost and wanders into a cabin that is currently inhabited by the villainous Black Larsen (Tom Murray), and soon after by another explorer of the tundra, Big Jim (Mack Swain). Eventually, after some hijinks in the cabin, Chaplin's self-described "little fellow" finds his way to a mining town. There he spots Georgia, a dance hall girl, and is immediately smitten. Trying to find a way to woo her, the Tramp offers to make dinner for her and her friends on New Year's Eve. The film winds its way to a happy ending, despite the trials and tribulations endured by the Tramp. The trio also delve into the reasons this film is considered a classic, and why Chaplin is an important part of the history of American cinema!

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