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The Movie Hero (2003)

maverickEpisode 203 is the second in our "Movies About Movies" pairing, and the Indie-est of Indie films done on this podcast thus far, yet is also one of the mostly strangely affecting as well. Described by one of the geeks as "A romantic comedy that segues, somewhere along the line, into a romantic fantasy," 2003's "The Movie Hero" was never released theatrically, but it won several awards throughout its two-year film festival exhibition! Written and directed by Brad T. Gottfred, the movie follows Blake Gardner (Jeremy Sisto), self-proclaimed movie nut, as he navigates his daily life, all the while talking to "his audience," invisible to everyone but Blake. In his efforts to be a good movie hero for his audience, he spots a suspicious character (Peter Stormare) who becomes the problem he must solve. He then recruits a sidekick (Brian White) but, before they can head off to defeat the bad guy, Blake is arrested. He then meets his court-assigned therapist, Elizabeth (Dina Meyer), who Blake immediately decides is his love interest, and begins telling her all about his audience and why the suspicious character must be stopped. Although not a unanimously positive review, this film has more production value, and more heart, than many films with larger budgets, and is absolutely beloved of one of the trio! Plus, the geeks and G.I.T. reveal which two "fish out of water" comedies they'll be reviewing for their next pairing!

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