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The Music Man (1962)

maverickEpisode 198 begins our 1960s classic musical pairing with, arguably, one of the best musicals ever made, in or out of the 1960s! We head back to 1962 for the cinematic version of Meredith Wilson's smash Broadway musical "The Music Man!" Directed for the silver screen by Morton DaCosta, this is the story of a traveling salesman/con artist who tries to bamboozle a small town in Iowa, and ends up falling for the maiden piano teacher he's supposed to be sweeping off her feet! Starring Robert Preston as Professor Harold Hill, Shirley Jones as Marian Paroo, Buddy hackett as Hill's old friend and confidant Marcellus Washburn, Paul Ford and the inestimable Hermione Gingold as Mayor and Mrs. Shinn, the Buffalo Bills as the town council-turned-barbershop quartet, and one of the first appearances of a very young Ron (billed as "Ronny") Howard, this film is a lively trip through the antics of a small Iowa town in the year 1912! Great songs, excellent performances, and dance numbers that will make your eyes wide and your toes tap!

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