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They Live (1988)

maverickEpisode 196: Sometimes the monsters are who you least suspect! That's the theme of our pairing this time around, and we're starting with what very well may be John Carpenter's best film, 1988's "They Live!" Written, directed, and scored by Carpenter, this film features wrestler Roddy Piper in the lead role, and he proves once and for all that (at the time) WWF wrestlers are as talented as Hollywood actors as he turns in a heartfelt performance! Then, you pair him with legend Keith David, and you have pair of protagonists who lead us through a film truly unique amongst all of the other movies made! Piper plays Nada, a homeless man searching for a job and a place in a world that increasingly doesn't seem to care. He meets Frank (David) on a construction job, and Frank shows him to a homeless camp near a church, where he can sleep and get some food. After going into the church, he stumbles on a box of black sunglasses, one of which he takes with him. But when he decides to put them on, he sees the truth of the world, a truth almost no one else can see. This is a unanimous high recommendation from our trio, and rightly so, for a film that stands out among any other Hollywood film yet made!

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