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The Crow (1994)

maverickEpisode 189: For the second film in our pairing from the urban fantasy genre, we move ahead to 1994 and Brandon Lee, son of famous martial artist and cinema star Bruce Lee, in his final performance on-screen in "The Crow." Directed by Alex Proyas, and set in Detroit, Michigan, the film stars Lee, Ernie Hudson (of "Ghostbusters" fame), Rochelle Davis, Michael Wincott, Bai Ling, Anna Levine, and Tony Todd, and spins the tale of Eric Dravan and his wife Shelly, both assaulted and horribly killed by a street gang. One year after their deaths, Eric is reborn as an avenging angel who seeks to right all of the wrongs from his death, including a few that actually lead to a better life for some. The trio also discuss the tragic death of Brandon Lee while filming, dying on-set in what investigators called a tragic accident... but was it? And finally, the Geeks and their G.I.T. reveal which listener request they're taking for their next pairing!

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