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A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

maverickEpisode 185: Moving ahead five years from the first film in our Christmas Horror pairing, we turn to an anthology film done differently than most, where each story has (at least tengentially) a link to the holiday season. Directed by Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban, and Brett Sullivan, we meed Dangerous Dan (William Shatner), a veteran DJ broadcasting to Bailey Downs on Christmas Eve. As the overall 'narrator' of the story, he is part of the glue that ties the various stories together: An investigation of a year-old Christmas murder in the basement of a convent-turned-high school, a police officer cutting corners to get a free Christmas tree, a dysfunctional family making a surprise visit to an estranged aunt, and a tale of Santa defending himself against bloodthirsty zombie elves and his ancient nemesis! Not all stories are created equal, but overall it's a rollicking, supernatural, creepy good holiday time! Plus, the trio announce what their first official pairing of the new year will be, and you won't want to miss it!

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