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Rare Exports (2010)

maverickEpisode 184: Christmas horror films (and yes, that's a genre) are the focus of our final 2019 pairing, and we begin with a film made in the home of the Santa Claus myth. Written by the Helander brothers (Jalmari and Juuso) and directed by Jalmari, the film stars a real-life father and son team, Omni and Jorma Tommila, as Pietari and Rauno Kontio. Rauno is a reindeer herder, while Pietari is a typical young boy, living out in rural Finland. When the reindeer herd is slaughtered, Pietari comes up with an unbelievable explanation. But when they find a naked old man with white hair and a long white beard, Pietari's theory begins to sound less fantastic. Add in a corrupt evil American corporation and some ancient Finnish mythology and you have a truly unique Christmas story which, according to Buddy, is more of a dark fantasy than a horror film but, nevertheless, is definitely worth your viewing hours!

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