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Episode 174: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

maverickEpisode 174: It's the first of our Halloween episodes, this time focusing on the father of the modern Zombie genre, George Romero! Written and directed by Romero (co-written by John Russo), the film was shot on a shoe-string budget, with a lot of barter being done for set elements, props, and make-up, in exchange for the business owners getting to be zombies in the film! But what came out of it is a frightening film that set the tone for decades of zombie cinema to come! Starring a cast of unknowns, this is truly the independent film that becomes known all over the world, but perhaps not exactly for the reason you might think. The trio talk about how a mistake just before release was bad news for Romero, but it turns out to be wonderful news for this film and the burgeoning zombie genre! High marks from every member of the trio too!

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