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Episode 165: A Night At the Opera (1935)

maverickEpisode 165: The second in our classic comedy pairing of Marx Brothers films advances the timeline two years (and one studio) in 1935's "A Night At the Opera!" Directed by Sam Wood, and ghost-directed by Edmund Goulding (of "Nightmare Alley" fame, see Episode 162), this film was the first to feature only Groucho, Chico, and Harpo, since Zeppo had decided to leave acting for a more lucrative career as an agent. In his place, as the romantic lead, Allan Jones plays a chorus tenor in the Opera, madly in love with Kitty Carlisle's Rosa (she returns his love as well). Attempting to get between the lovers is Walter Woolf King, playing the selfish and arrogant Rudolfo Lassparri. Add to this Sig Ruman's wonderful Herman Gottlieb, the head of the New York Opera Company. Add to this story some of the funniest may have the best Groucho-Margaret Dumont interplay, and you have an operatic comedy like no other! This one is Jeff's favorite! Plus, the trio discuss their first public appearance at Michigan ComicCon (August 16-18), as well as what two supernatural action-comedies they'll be reviewing life from their booth (#663)!

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