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Episode 148: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

chittychittybangbangTake the spy-story genius of Ian Fleming, father of James Bond, and combine it with the dark children's fantasy of Roald Dahl, and what do you get? 1968's classic "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," directed by Ken Hughes and starring Dick Van Dyke, Sally Ann Howe, Lionel Jeffries, Gert Frobe, Anna Quayle, Benny Hill, Robert Helpmann, Heather Ripley, and Adrian Hall! This beloved, yet uneven, children's classic has entertained young people for several decades. Seen as an adult, however, there are layers to it that children would never pick up on. It does, however, have songs and dance numbers to rival, perhaps even surpass, Mary Poppins! If you have children, or know children, or have even just heard of children, find some and show them this movie! You'll become their new favorite person!

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