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Episode 141: The Great Race (1965)

greatraceLegendary Hollywood director Blake Edwards gives us our second film for our "Race Around the World" pairing with 1965's epic race-comecy, "The Great Race!" Directed by Edwards, and written by Arthur A. Ross and Edwards, this film follows The Great Lesley (Tony Curtis), a hero all in white, who proposes to stage, and win, a race from New York westward to Paris! Accompanied by his driver and mechanic Hezekiah (Keenen Wynn), he is continually crossed by two different types of opponents. The first, in what may be his greatest comedy role ever, is the evil Professor Fate, played with perfect wit and abandon by Jack Lemmon, who is accompanied by his henchman Maximillian (Peter Falk). The other opponent, however, proves to be equally distracting: A suffragette newspaper reporter who has entered the race to report on it from within, one Maggie DuBois (Natalie Wood). Will Lesley win? If not, who is the cause? A great road comedy, as great as its name implies! Plus, Buddy, Chad, and Jeff reveal which two Sci-Fi comedies will be their next pairing!

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