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Episode 128: Private Parts (1997)

privatepartsThis pairing is all about radio personality biopics, and we're starting with perhaps the most well-known radio personality of all time, the self-proclaimed "King of Media," Howard Stern, the the 1997 film based on his book of the same name, "Private Parts!" Directe by Betty Thomas, and starting Mary McCormack, Paul Giamatti, Allison Janney, and, as themselves, Fred Norris, Robin Quivers, and Howard Stern! This is an inside look into the history and evolution of one of the most notorious radio personalities of the 20th and 21st centuries, even if some of it is a bit of hollywood magic rather than the actual truth. But it shows that the Stern we all know and love (or hate) from on-air is only a character, a personality that he puts on to do his shows, and that he is subtly but substantially different "in real life!"

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