Wednesday, 23 January 2019


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Episode 102: Bullitt (1968)

bullittWe're celebrating the car chase in films in this episode of the podcast, with the movie that defined what a film car chase should be, and is still influencing moviemakers today, 1968's "Bullitt!" Directed by Peter Yates, and starring Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Duvall, Simon Oakland, Norman Fell, and George Stanford Brown, it's a trip back to the end of the 60s in San Francisco! Plus minor supporting roles by Vic Tayback, stuntman Bill Hickman, a cameo appearances by Julie Christy, and a first-ever cinematic appearance from Joanna Cassidy! And accompanied by a Lalo Schifrin score, this movie is an ode to police work at the turn of the decade, even if one of our geeks feels the romantic storyline was shoehorned in. :)

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