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Two Geeks and a GIT
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Two Geeks and GIT was born at the Motor City Comic-Con in Dearborn, Michigan.
Buddy Allman
Introducing Buddy!
Buddy Allman is best described as a "Film Curmudgeon."
Jeff Smith
Introducing Jeff!
Jeff Smith is a long-time film fan, professor, and reviewer.
Chad Roberts
Introducing Chad!
Chad is the GIT (Geek-In-Training) part of the podcast.

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Episode 145: Rushmore (1998)

rushmoreSecond on the list of films about the career of teaching comes Wes Anderson's quirky and heartfelt film with the oddest love triangle in, perhaps, all of cinema, 1998's "Rushmore." Directed by Anderson, co-written with Owen Wilson, and starring Jason Schwartzman (in his first appearance), the incomparable Bill Murray, Olivia Williams, Seymour Cassel, Brian Cox, Mason Gamble, and Sara Tanaka, this movie tells the story of Max Fischer, an overly-intelligent prep-school student who falls for one of his teachers at the same time a would-be mentor and friend does also. The film is full of what would become trademark Anderson techniques, and winds its way through its tale with well-crafted aplomb until it reaches an ending that feels completely right for the story it's been telling! Plus, the Geeks and G.I.T. reveal which writer, absolutely beloved of one of the Geeks, the next two films will be from!

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