Friday, 25 May 2018


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Episode 41: The Last Dragon (1985)


 lastdragonIn our second homage, as well as our second gloriously awful 80s movie, it's a martial arts-meets-motown mash-up with 1985's "The Last Dragon" from Motown producer Barry Gordy! This film pays tribute to Bruce Lee and the martial arts films of the 70s, but with a decidedly 80s Motown twist! Directed by Michael Schultz, written by Louis Venosta, and starring Taimak, Vanity, Julius Carry, Christopher Murney, Faith Prince, Mkie Star, Glean Eaton, and Ernie Reyes Jr., this film answers the question "What if a Bruce Lee movie were set in a 1980s dance club and cast with primarily African-American actors in the title roles?" It's truly a fun romp, but not exactly Oscar-worthy (although there was a song from this film nominated for a Golden Globe)! Finally, the trio discuss the romantic-comedy/romantic-dramady pairing coming up in the next two episodes!

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