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Episode 87: Doctor Detroit (1983)

doctordetroitOur second "Prostitution Comedy" is similar in concept to our first: It's a fish-out-of-water story and it's a geek-becoming-a-hero story, but it accomplishes these tropes in quite a different way from the first film of the pairing. In 1983's "Doctor Detroit," directed by Michael Pressman, it's mild-mannered Clifford Skridlow (Dan Aykroyd) being used as a patsy by the conniving Smooth Walker (Howard Hesseman) when Cliff is made the protector of four ladies of the evening (Donna Dixon, Lydia Lei, Lynn Whitfield, and Fran Drescher), who must keep them from becoming the property of the evil Mom (Kate Murtagh), while still fulfilling familial and collegiate responsibilities! It's a more light-hearted take on the genre, and a rollicking, fun filmic experience! And Buddy, Chad, and Jeff reveal their second listener-suggested film pairing for the next two episodes!

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